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Monday, April 5th, 2004
9:19 am
Dear asshole
Please don't contact me out of the blue to get me to join your pathetic passive-aggressive masturbation circle. If you really want me to join your lame gang, leave a message in my Livejournal. I don't need shit like this cluttering up my inbox. Also: drop dead.

Monday, February 2nd, 2004
9:56 am
Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
12:58 am
Oh yeah, the Jews all complain about how THEY have it hard

But look what they did to us!

Current Mood: British
Thursday, December 25th, 2003
3:13 pm
I got a whole load of shit, including Pirates of the Caribbean DVD, Jimi Hendrix CDs and JAM <3

Here's something from IRC that I wanted to use in Bencomic but was too big :(

(nondescript> WOW
(Funk> WOW
(nondescript> WOW

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, November 9th, 2003
11:35 am
when nigger does go by car?
when nigger does go by car?

when does go with vehicle of the police
Sunday, September 21st, 2003
10:08 am
Wild, I'm beginning to suspect that you're Grant Morrison...
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Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
7:11 pm
ZZTers turning Invisible?
Taken from "The Invisibles: Say You Want a Revolution"

Monday, June 23rd, 2003
8:05 am
Who's birthday is it?
Mine! 21 today!

Saturday, April 26th, 2003
11:29 am
Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003
12:00 am
The dreams in which I'm dying... kind of suck.
Luckily that wasn't the kind of dream I had last night! No sir - instead, I dreamed that I was having a snowball fight with Laurel and Hardy in some dark and snowy street, under the gaze of looming gothic architecture. It wasn't as creepy as it sounds, because the cramped space just made things feel cosy rather than claustrophobic.

So we snowballed for a little while (Ollie was a good shot, from what I recall) then I came across a carved stone tablet set into a small dais. I read the four or so lines on that tablet, noting that the poem (for I think it was such) was witty and erudite, and might possibly have made the basis of a good story. I began to realise that I was in a dream - though not to the extent that I could be arsed to control anything - and congratulated myself on having come up with something so pithy. I resumed snowballing, telling myself to write down the words on the tablet when I got up the following morning.

When I awoke, I remembered exactly what was on the dial but couldn't be arsed to get out of bed. Now it's melted away altogether.

Somewhere, Neil Gaiman is laughing manaiacally. The absolute bastard.
Thursday, March 6th, 2003
11:12 am
Monday, February 24th, 2003
1:09 pm
Help me get MAME working polease gents!
Well not so much MAME as Metal Slug. See, I have MAME32 and it's all working groovily except for Metal Slug 1, 2 and X, and Sunset Riders. I can only play them for a little bit before it crashes out with an exception. Any idea what the problem could be?
Sunday, February 23rd, 2003
5:36 pm
Okay gents I need to find a good deal on PS2s
As I now have a job (more on that later, unless I can't be bothered), I've decided to get a PS2. Where can I get the dandiest deal? I'd prefer less than £150, and I'm sure there's somewhere on the net that'll do it. Give me a hand PLZ!
Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
10:37 am
When I try to go to z2 it gives me this message:
phpBB : Critical Error

Could not obtain lastvisit data from user table

After directing me to this page: http://zzt.the-underdogs.org/fora/setuser.php

Thursday, February 6th, 2003
12:24 am
OMG!!!! KAWAII =^_^=

You're a Magical Girl!

You're sugar-hyped, caffeine-hyped, and permanently genki-er than a whole busload of Disney characters on crack. You eat too much, you're a total klutz, and somehow this makes you an ideal candidate for saving the world. If you're really unlucky, you get to get naked in an embarrassing transformation sequence in every single episode, with only a few sparkles and pastel blobs to cover your dignity.

Which generic anime character are you?

Current Mood: Magical
Saturday, January 18th, 2003
12:07 pm
Christopher Morris is sending me pornography
I just got five consecutive porn e-mails, all from people with the most delightfully stupid names:

Provent Tabin
Rabbe Griebling
Marlena Edris
Hanifan Toepel
Quashie Stealy
Wednesday, January 1st, 2003
3:58 pm
Happy New Year to all of you goons! My head hurts :(
Tuesday, December 24th, 2002
9:21 am
Going home today!
Which means I'll be online even less than I have been lately (that is, not at all).

Merry Crismis and a Happy New Year to you all, except the idiots.
Thursday, December 5th, 2002
11:07 am
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002
10:44 am
Think of the Musicians!
Thanks to Ryo for this link: http://www.musicunited.org/

The Barenaked Ladies, One of the Best-Selling Canadian Bands Of All Time: "When the Gap went online, T-shirts didn't become free."

Because other, similar T-shirts of equal or better quality were available for much less, BOZOS.

"3. Stealing music stifles the careers of new artists and up-and-coming bands. Another rationalization for stealing music is that illegal copying is a victimless crime that really doesn’t hurt anyone.
Tell that to the struggling young musicians in a garage band who can’t get signed because record sales are down."

Nevermind all of the small indie labels that have died because they couldn't compete for shelf space with the multinational music corporations, or were bought up and now exist only as appendages of a larger corporation. Fuck it, if we cause recession in the music industry maybe music will no longer be such SHIT.

"It’s about putting food on the table and covering the rent."

Serves you right for buying a $500,000 house then doesn't it?

Scott Stapp, Frontman and Songwriter for Creed: "These file sharing services are sneaking in the back door and robbing me blind."


Eminem, Grammy Award Winning Rapper: "If you can afford a computer, you can afford to pay $16 for my CD."

Then make music that's WORTH $16 you greedy fuck.

Carl Sturken & Evan Rogers, Grammy-Award Winning Songwriters/Producers: "Most of the teenagers we know today are far more interested in buying a CD burner and downloading whatever music they want for free. We think that pretty much says it all."

Why don't you think of the boost they're giving to the CD-writer and blank CD industries? Hypocrites.

Mark Knopfler, Member of Dire Straits: "You might as well walk into a record store, put the CD's in your pocket and walk out without paying for them."

Kids! Go ahead and tell them Mark from Dire Straits told you to do it. What? Oh don't worry, your parents will know who he is.

But seriously, Mark's jst saying that because he sells about ten CDs a year and you stealing them probably wouldn't make that much of an impact on his income anyway.

John Rzeznik, Member of the Multi-Platinum Award Winning Group, the Goo Goo Dolls: "If you rob artists of their means of earning, eventually there will be no art of consequence or substance."

Two points -

1: Current big sellers like Brittney Spears, Shakira and Clitring Aguilera would lead me to conclude that much of the music produced these days is of little consequence anyway.
2: You're in the GOO GOO DOLLS. What the fuck would you know about art of substance?

So to conclude:
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